Software Licencing

The licencing of the software and the functionality of the software is controlled by the issue of an activation code. Once payment has been received, you will need to send your machine dependent REGISTRATION CODE to and we will issue you with an activation code that will allow your software to function. The code will provide 12 months of usage.

At any time during your 12 month period you can purchase an additional 12 months to add a 12 month period to your licence. WARNING - the licencing software that we use is sensitive to changes to your system clock, and if you change the date or time (by more than an hour) the software will revert to Demonstration mode. Golder will be able to assist you in recovering the unused portion of your licence if this happens.

If you need to move your licensed copy of the software to another machine (say from a desk top to a lap top, or to a new computer) you are required to generate an unlicensed code which effectively places the software back in to demonstration mode (although you would be advised to back-up and export any project files, processes or user energy mixes or waste compositions prior to this). Once you have re-installed WRATE on a new machine, you should send your unlicensed code and new registration code from the new machine to and we will issue you with an activation code for the remaining period of your licence.
WARNING – failure to follow these procedures could result in the loss of your licence.

While your licence is valid you will be provided with access to a help desk (phone or email to suit your needs) and any upgrades or maintenance updates will be provided free of charge. Updates to the databases may be made at any time and we will email updates to the registered licence holder.